Kamile Inokaitis

Kamile Inokaitis Model

Kamile Inokaitis Model

Kamile Inokaitis Model

Lendell Black-Composer.Producer.Musician

RMM is with your every step of the way, from the studio to the tour bus to the stage.

Michael 'Stylz' Reeves

Producer, Songwriter, Artist Developer & Motivational Speaker

Roxy Music Management

Formerly Stone Music Management

Welcome to Roxy Music Management

Roxanne Stone is the Owner & President of Roxy Music Management based out of Nashville, TN and San Diego, CA since 2010. She manages professional producers, artists, and songwriters, assisting them with label and publishing acquisitions, studio recording, song plugging and all forms of marketing and exposure. She is also a Talent Agent who scouts out talent for well known producers, and a consultant for two separate Management & Touring Companies. Additionally, Roxanne is a dedicated Tour Manager who goes on the road travelling with her artists and personally works on individual artist development. Her passion is working with renowned producers & established hit songwriters bringing the right people together in the same room and watching magic happen!

Professional Modeling

RMM is proud to represent fashion runway and magazine model Kamile Inokaitis. We congratulate her in walking for designer LuLu et GiGI in New York Fashion Week 2016.
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